"Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress.  He sent out His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.”  Psalm 107:19, 20

The Father’s Ranch is a Christ-centered, Biblical counseling ministry that helps people who are hurting, wounded and in trouble.  We offer a residential counseling program for women, a boarding school for girls and outpatient counseling as well.  TFR’s programs focus on applying loving, practical guidance and direction found in the Word of God to help produce permanent and lasting change.  We have been helping people escape from addictions, eating disorders and other life-controlling issues since 2002.

Redeemer’s Boarding School provides a Christ-centered home and environment in which young ladies can learn and excel.  The Biblically-based education for students grades 3-12 provides a high school diploma while concurrently developing a strong, Biblical world-view. RBS helps students learn in the ways that are right for them, nurturing a hunger for wisdom and a passion to glorify God in all they do. 

TFR provides a separate, residential home for women aged 18-40 who are in need of hope and healing.  Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Women’s Program helps women escape the life-controlling sin that once deceived and enslaved them.  In exchange for this slavery, these women experience the freedom to make life-long changes that are healthy, life-giving and pleasing to God.

The Biblical Counseling Center of Okanogan exists to come along side individuals and couples who are located in our local community and in need of encouragement and help.  Whether in the context of individual counseling or through the means of a Biblical counseling conference, we trust God’s Word to bring Light and Life to all who will bend their knee to it’s authority, to it’s sufficiency and to it’s Author.