A typical day here at The Father’s Ranch includes a healthy balance of hard work, Bible study, prayer, one on one discipleship, organized group activities, academic study and limited free time. The work includes caring for farm animals, gardening, canning, maintenance, food preparation, house keeping and community service projects. The work is necessary to provide for the needs of The Father’s Ranch, but also provides our students with real life examples of Biblical principles.

The Father’s Ranch seeks to help young ladies make life-long changes that are healthy and pleasing to God. Here are some of the specifics that make our program(s) distinct:

Christ-Centered: We believe a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (regeneration) is the foundation on which all true change is achieved. All true Biblical counseling or instruction must be evangelical first. Therefore, we strongly encourage each resident to have a vibrant and practical walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bible-Based: The Father’s Ranch program is structured to give our residents many opportunities to both learn and apply Biblical truth as it relates to a variety of topics through Biblically focused classes, personal Bible study, individualized Biblical counseling, personal devotions, and prayer time. We believe that God’s Word is the change agent that renews the mind and subsequently changes behaviors.

Personalized: For each young lady at TFR, a wide range of individualized choices is presented and examined so she can begin working through problems and setting attainable goals for the future.

Loving Christian Community: Staff and volunteers compassionately serve young ladies in a loving home-like environment to help them understand more fully the love of God in everyday situations.

Beautiful and Healthy Environment: Scripture tells us that…”God’s invisible qualities are seen throughout His creation..” This is certainly true at The Father’s Ranch as our ladies have opportunity to come face to face with the majesty, sovereignty, omnipotence and artistic/creative wonders of their Heavenly Father.

Structured Care: Young ladies have many opportunities to learn to live disciplined lives through the program’s daily structure of classes, study halls, servant opportunities, and specific times devoted to physical fitness, discipleship relationships, and individualized Biblical Counseling.

Individualized Graduation: Because each young lady’s program is so unique, The Father’s Ranch will have the opportunity to celebrate each student’s graduation as an individual event. The average student resides between 6-18 months in TFR’s program, depending upon her specific situation.

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