Program guide

A Place of Hope...A Place of Healing

​The Father's Ranch is a Christ centered counseling ministry offering a 6 month to eighteen month residential program.  This program is designed for women between the ages of 18 and 40 years who are struggling with destructive, life-controlling issues. These might include drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, and behavioral or emotional problems. Girls under the age of 18 should consider Redeemer’s Boarding School, another ministry arm of The Father’s Ranch Ministries. We will consider women over the age of 40 on a case by case basis.  We seek to provide the kind of long-term structured help that is often beyond the ability of family and friends.

The Father's Ranch is located in the beautiful, mountainous country of the Okanogan Highlands in North-Central Washington State.  This rural location and agricultural setting provides a refuge far from the confusion, pressure and temptations of familiar territory.

Our programs focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Gospel (good news) of His life, death, resurrection and continuing ministry in and through the lives of His people. We believe that the historic Christian message is the basis for a salvation that encompasses a life-transforming relationship with God in this life, and the hope of heaven in the next life.  We believe that in order for true behavioral change to occur, that change within the mind must occur first.  We take a Romans chapter 12:2 approach to healing:  “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”  Because of this, you can expect to learn the following while at TFR:

                       Basic Biblical Theology (Study of Who God Is)                                   Dealing with fear, anxiety, worry, & trials
                       Basic Biblical Anthropology (Study of Who Man Is)                          Biblical view of marriage, love, sex, & family
                       Old Testament Survey                                                                               Biblical understanding of self esteem
                       New Testament Survey                                                                             How to make healthy/Biblical decisions
                       Basic Hermeneutics                                                                                  How to handle anger, stress, and suffering
                       Biblical roles or husband and wife                                                         Biblical conflict resolution and forgiveness


The Father's Ranch is made up of the long-term Staff, Interns, and Students (those who come for help). Together, they make up a dynamic Christian community that provides healing and growth through discipleship, fellowship, Bible study and other Christian disciplines. Discipleship takes place through involvement in three community dynamics -- meaningful work, a caring family environment, and spiritual training.

A typical week in these programs includes a balance of work, Bible study, prayer, worship, one on one discipleship, organized group activities and free time. The work includes caring for animals, cutting wood, gardening, canning, maintenance, food preparation, housekeeping, and construction. The work is necessary to provide for the needs of The Father's Ranch "family," but also provides students with real life illustrations of Biblical principles. This facilitates the development of more accurate perceptions of life and the cultivation of mature and healthy relational skills.

Biblical instruction and guidance are woven into all areas of work and play. The family-like environment provides a healthy support system in which spiritual and emotional healing and growth can take place. The need for personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel is stressed as the bedrock foundation of all change, change that deals with the deepest and most profound issues of this life and the life to come.

What You Can Expect

  1. You can expect an environment that allows you to focus on God and your relationship with Him.
  2. To be taken seriously as a person created in the image of God. Sincere, honest questions will receive a like response.
  3. You can expect genuine love and care. God has given us a love for those who are struggling with issues and problems such as yours.
  4. Discipline and guidance.

What Is Expected Of You

"But from there you will seek the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” (Deuteronomy 4:29)

Sincerity: If you want to "play games", The Father's Ranch is not the place for you.  Please pursue a sincere desire to understand the truths concerning God, the Bible, the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ, and what it means to be a Christian. 

Honesty: Without honesty there can be no real change. Dishonesty comes in various forms; if it is a problem for you, then be willing to admit to it and desire accountability.  Mutual trust is very important. Trust that we have your best interests in mind. Please be completely honest about your past, including: unresolved legal problems, people looking for you, financial obligations, severe or unusual sexual struggles, etc. We are often able to help Students address these issues.

Humility: "God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble"- Proverbs 3:34.   The proud will struggle with the authority and structure at The Father's Ranch.  A lack of humility prevents teachability.  You will not succeed in this program if you are not humble.

Obedience:  We expect a willing compliance with the guidance and direction given by The Father's Ranch Staff (men and women serving long-term at The Father's Ranch) and Interns (women serving on a short-term basis) concerning what is written in this document and with daily procedural issues surrounding work, play and living together in an orderly fashion.

Diligence: Be prepared to put yourself totally into the program.  You must demonstrate an ability to follow the rules and satisfactorily complete homework assignment and work duties with a proper attitude.

Commitment: You must arrive with the goal of completing at least the first six-months.  The majority of the issues that plague our residents didn't develop in a short 6-month period and escaping from these entanglements in under 6 months usually isn't very realistic. 

For Your Information and Consideration
You should be aware of what some Students find difficult to adjust to in the Women’s Program:

  1. Coverage.  A diligent accountability and supervision to help the student grow and conform to Biblical standards
  2. No smoking is permitted here.  
  3. General lack of privacy and personal space--life in a dormitory setting.
  4. Structured schedule and the narrow range of freedom.
  5. The work dimension of the Program - about 25 hours per week.
  6. The variety of people and personalities.
  7. Having your words and behavior addressed head on.
  8. No artificial means (drugs or alcohol, music, TV, video games, etc) of deadening emotions.
  9. Oddly enough, some find The Father's Ranch program more 'religious' than they expected. 

           Know that this is an explicitly Christian program.

Circumstances that May Require a Student to Depart the Program Early:

If medical issues arise that become a serious obstacle to a normal participation in the Program, arrangements will be made for you to return home to recover and then resume the Program at the earliest possible date. The Father's Ranch is not a place to convalesce and we do not have the resources to make frequent trips to medical facilities for tests and treatment.

If the Student's emotional, psychological or spiritual needs turn out to be beyond the ability of the existing Program and personnel to provide a safe, stable and fruitful environment, the student will be required to leave.  This is for the sake of the particular Student as well as the other Students and Interns who are in the Program.

Grounds for Dismissal from The Father's Ranch
It is also important to have a clear understanding, from the beginning, of the kinds of behavior that will result in the termination of a Student's time at The Father's Ranch. These are in place for your safety and protection.

  1. Significant omission or falsification of information on your application.
  2. Attempting to smuggle onto The Father's Ranch grounds tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, weapons or anything else deemed to be a threat to the safety and well-being of the Students and staff at The Father's Ranch.
  3. Violence, threats of violence, taunting to provoke violence, or the creation of an atmosphere of intimidation.
  4. ​A pattern of lying and deception.
  5. Refusal to comply with any of the Program expectations and boundaries described in this document.
  6. A pattern of abusive language directed toward other Students, Interns, or Staff.
  7. An influence on other Students that is destructive or demoralizing.
  8. A pattern of relating inappropriately with the opposite gender (ex. flirting, suggestive conversation, etc) or pursuing a romantic relationship with another Student or Intern.
  9. An ongoing failure to take the "What Is Expected of You" section of this document seriously.

​​Dismissing a student is usually distressing for the individual and always so for the staff of The Father's Ranch. When dismissal occurs as a consequence of behavior or attitudes that are incompatible with growth and change, our hope and prayer is that even this experience will be used by God as a part of His awakening discipline that will ultimately result in blessing. We have confidence that this can be true both from Scripture and in our experience with students in the past.  The door is almost always open for a person's return to the program should an openness of heart be evident at a later date.


“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who heeds counsel is wise.” (Proverbs 12:15)

Discipline and correction, resulting from violation of the accepted Program boundaries and behavior will be given in the form of additional work, homework, or restriction from special activities.  Privileges are earned and maintained by the student.

Ministry and Mentoring
Before God, we seek to respect and honor each student and the information they entrust to us but some of this information will be communicated to other Interns, Long-term staff, or, in some cases, sponsors. This kind of communication is not taken lightly and only happens if, in our judgment, it is appropriate and beneficial. You will need to trust our judgment in this matter.

We are a counseling and discipling ministry. If this is not the kind of "counseling relationship" that you are seeking; if you demand strict and exclusive confidentiality between you and the person with whom you meet, The Father's Ranch is not the right place for you.

General Rules for TFR's Program
We must know where you are in order to protect and provide for you. You will be with a Staff person at all times, on and off the property as long as we deem this in the best interest of you and the Program. This is what we call "coverage".

No smoking is permitted at The Father's Ranch. For many students, their smoking is deeply entrenched in a destructive lifestyle. The testimony of many who have finished the program, gone out and 'crashed and burned' is that starting to smoke again was the first step back to the life they are seeking to leave behind.  No smoking being the reality here, if you smoke, you would do yourself a favor to cut down as much as possible before you come. We are open to the nicotine patches and the gums to help you get over this addiction.

We desire to protect you from destructive speech and to teach you to build others up with words.   In order to do this we expect each person at The Father's Ranch to refrain from:

Talking boastfully of past sin; sexually explicit or suggestive talk; vulgar language; complaining and unconstructive criticism; sarcasm, taunting, ridicule and joking at the expense of others; gossip; abusive language.  You get the idea. . . We take this very seriously.

  1. Only certain types of Christian, classical and instrumental music are permitted.  Please do not bring any kind of music or music player with you to TFR.  (See Media Policies below.)
  2. Please do not bring any reading materials other than a quality translation of the Bible.  We have a small library here on campus and encourage Students to use it.
  3. Anything related to the occult or 'new age' movement (astrology, crystals, tarot cards, etc.) is forbidden here.
  4. In keeping with the Second commandment (Exodus 20:4) please do not bring any religious statues or images.

General Dress and Appearance

  1. ​Dress that identifies with your past life may have a negative affect and could be restricted.
  2. Any jewelry or clothing, which symbolizes connections with destructive elements of your past, is not allowed.
  3. No wearing of body piercing jewelry other than pierced ears for women.
  4. Each person is responsible for his own personal hygiene. Neatness and cleanliness are required.
  5. Shoes are to be worn at all times except at designated times and places.
  6. You will be expected to dress modestly at all times. This says that you care about your sisters and your witness.
  7. “. . . the women should adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation . . .” (1st Timothy 2:9)

  8. It is expected that women will make every effort to respect a standard of modest dress - - especially during outside, warm weather recreation. 
  9. Only moderate use of makeup is permitted and is subject to the approval of the staff.
  10. The dying of hair is not permitted except to return hair to its' original color.
  11. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted.
  12. Students are not allowed to develop or maintain romantic relationships while in the Program.
  13. ​Hands off at all times. No physical contact between Students or Students and Interns.

Christian Relating and Stewardship

  1. ​Respect the rights, needs and belongings of others.
  2. Respect the person in authority in whatever setting. If you disagree with what you have been asked to do, be willing to do it anyway and then discuss the matter later with an Intern of Staff person. If you genuinely feel that something that you are being asked to do is unsafe, immoral or illegal, an appeal can be made directly to the Long-Term Staff person in charge of the particular task.
  3. Avoid arguments.
  4. Do not ask personal questions of the Interns or Full Time Staff members.  If they desire to share personal information about their private lives, they will do so voluntarily.
  5. Take care of the property and facilities of The Father's Ranch. This place belongs to God and we strive to take care of the gifts given to us.
  6. ​After using equipment, always return it to its proper place.


“...continuing daily with one accord...they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart.”  (Acts 2:46)

Our goal is an atmosphere that is gracious and thankful in sharing together in the bounty of God's provision of our daily bread.  We believe that eating is an important part of every day and should be an enjoyable experience. Because of the nature of the many problems we are working with at TFR there is a strict eating policy for all residents and staff.

  1. Students may not complain about the food, the menu, or being asked to eat. We expect everyone who eats at TFR to be thankful for the food they are given to eat regardless of whether they would prefer it or not.
  2. We expect each student to eat at least the minimum portion of all items on the menu, but they may definitely have more food if they would choose, but not to the point of gluttony.  Interns and staff will help make this determination.
  3. We offer 3 meals and a couple of snacks each day. The snacks are optional.
  4. Students are not allowed to skip meals, reduce portion sizes, or ask to be exempt from any items on the menu or ingredients in a dish.
  5. Students with verifiable food allergies are exempt from eating that food as long as a doctor’s order is on file.
  6. Please be on time for all meals.
  7. Appropriate table manners are expected. If these are unclear to you, we will explain the guidelines.
  8. Personalized diets/meals cannot be provided.  If for health, religious, or philosophical reasons you require a highly specialized diet, The Father's Ranch is not a suitable program for you.
  9. Conversation at the table is expected to be consistent with what was stated under the general rules.

House Rules

  1. Times to get up and go to bed are strictly adhered to (see schedule).
  2. Everyone is expected to take care of their clothes and personal belongings. Put things away. This includes keeping towels, washcloths, wet clothes, shoes, and laundry in appropriate places.
  3. Beds are to be made neatly before breakfast.
  4. Lights are to be turned off before you leave a room.
  5. Each person's space is private and is not to be violated by other Students. The Father's Ranch reserves the right to inspect a Student's belongings at our discretion. 
  6. Do not use or borrow another person's belongings without permission from an Intern.
  7. Only discuss your past life at a time and in a way that will build up and encourage others. Don't glory in or make light of sin and rebellion. Seek help on these issues during your mentoring times or with a Staff person.
  8. Out of love for your neighbor, notify an Intern or staff member if you see someone engaging in inappropriate behavior or looking extremely troubled.
  9. Report any drugs or other inappropriate material on the property immediately.  Remember: this is your home and if you don't protect it, who will?
  10. You are not allowed to store food in the bedrooms. 

Media Policies (music, tech, movies, radio, TV, etc)

Our society's media is among the most powerful, seductive and molding forces the world has ever known.  We can only know how "deeply molded" we are by stepping back from these influences for a season of “fasting”.  Your time at The Father's Ranch will be a form of fasting with regard to the amount of input that you are probably used to from various forms of electronic and social media.  Spiritual fasting is the abstaining for a season from that which is 'lawful' for the pursuit of some spiritual purpose.

Music at The Father's Ranch is necessarily a public experience. If music is played, all who desire to remain in the room must listen also. Without addressing any musical style in particular, not all music contributes to the spiritual atmosphere that we desire to promote at The Father's Ranch.

Another reality is that many of the Students who come to The Father's Ranch for help have sin and bondage issues that are deeply rooted in particular musical forms. Part of their freedom always involves separating themselves from this type of music, whether it comes in a 'Christian' or a secular package.  Therefore, TFR will provide all music, media, tech, movies and entertainment.


We realize that not everyone moving into The Father’s Ranch will be on medication. However, a high percentage of the ladies in our program are. Because of that, here are some medication procedures to keep in mind as you plan your trip to TFR.

  1. It is imperative that all new residents have prescriptions or a doctor’s order for any medication they are taking, whether it is over the counter or prescription. If you rely on an over the counter medication, you must present a doctor’s order that says your primary care physician has authorized its use in your situation.
  2. It is also important that you arrive at TFR with a full prescription for each of your medications and at least 2 – 6 refills remaining on any prescription you plan to take while at TFR. We will NOT be able to get you into the doctor during your first month here for simple prescription refill needs.
  3. You will not be allowed to start or stop any medication while you live at TFR without the express written consent of your counselor, the Director, and a primary care physician overseeing your care.  We use an excellent array of physicians in our local community for those wishing to be weaned off of their medications.
  4. Any over the counter medication brought with you to TFR must come into the building unopened and still sealed.
  5. TFR offers standard over the counter medicines (such as Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, etc) for residents to use as needed.  
  6. TFR offers two medication times each day. If you are required to have medicine more than 2 times per day you must notify staff of this as soon as possible. 

Medical Appointments

We realize that occasional medical, dental, or vision appointments may be necessary. We encourage you to try to resolve all of these before entering our program. We operate with limited staff and very little opportunity to transport residents to appointments, except in the case of emergencies. Students will be charged a transportation fee for every trip they require.  This fee varies depending upon the distance and time of travel.  Sponsors are expected to pay these fees. 

Because of the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions in our facility, we implement medical appointment policies that we will strictly enforce for the safety and well being of all our ladies at TFR.

  1.  All medical issues must be disclosed to staff as soon as possible. If the issue is deemed an emergency, the director, and/or staff member will be notified for further instruction.
  2. If a medical appointment is necessary, a staff member or volunteer will accompany you to your appointment and must always be allowed to enter the appointment with you. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to be treated outside the presence of the staff or volunteer. This is vital so the staff person can provide accountability, support, clarify questions between you and medical professionals, and have an accurate report to bring back to TFR’s staff.  This will ensure that you receive the exact treatment according to the doctor’s orders.
  3. You will be required to reveal all past drug and alcohol use to all medical professionals that ask. This is important because your medical team must always know your medical history to give you the best possible medical treatment. Drug and alcohol use are vital parts of your medical history. This is for your protection and to ensure that medical professionals can give you the exact medical treatment you need after considering the effects of your past drug or alcohol use.
  4. TFR has a very strict policy against the use and storage of narcotics or addictive medications in TFR’s home. Residents should always request non-narcotic and non-addictive medication every time they are issued a prescription. Narcotics and addictive medications will only be allowed if the professional medical personnel deem it absolutely necessary for your treatment.
  5. Doctor’s orders will be strictly adhered to. At every appointment the resident must request in writing all doctor’s orders. If the medication is advised as needed, it must be in writing. Under all circumstances, residents must request the most conservative over the counter medication for pain and ask that if a pain prescription is necessary that it be non-addictive, non-narcotic, and prescribed only as needed for pain.

Outside Communication

Phone Calls:

  1. ​​You are allowed twenty minutes of phone calls per week. These calls are limited to approved family members, your sponsor and additional individuals that are approved by the Program Director.  You will be asked to provide an approved communication list consisting of family members plus 5 other individuals.  All must be of a positive nature with Godly/Biblical standards of conduct.
  2. Phone calls may be monitored until the later phases of the program.
  3. Phone calls are to be outgoing only unless special permission has been attained by the Director.


  1. We encourage letter writing.  All mail may be monitored until later phases of the program.
  2. Students will be required to open packages and letters in the presence of an intern or staff member.


  1. You need to be in the program one month before you will be allowed visitors.
  2. One visit per month. Students may not leave the property for their visits until later into the program.
  3. Visits are on Saturdays and/or Sundays, afternoons and evenings and must be cleared in advance through a staff member.  All visitation plans must be arranged through the student and not the office or staff.  All visitation plans must be made at least two weeks before the visit.
  4. Students who are in the latter stages of the program may leave the grounds with visitors at the discretion of the Staff.
  5. Visitors must be immediate family or sponsors. Others are allowed to come by special permission from the Program Director.
  6. Visitors must have permission in advance to remain after visiting time or for family activities.
  7. No boyfriend/girlfriend visits except at the discretion of the Program Director.

Personal Finances

  1. All sponsor checks must be made out to the Student. The Student must endorse the check and the money will then be put into the individual's account.
  2. All money must be turned in to the Intern and will be kept in an account for you.
  3. Money that is provided by a sponsor will be given back to the sponsor if the student decides to leave the program or is asked to leave, unless otherwise specified by the sponsor.
  4. Spending money will be allocated and monitored by the room Interns.


  1. Anyone who is sick must be excused by an Intern before missing work, Bible studies or other activities. When there are symptoms, a "sick day" is no problem.  Trying to take a "sick day" without symptoms will prove to be a problem.
  2. Students who are sick may experience appropriate restrictions.
  3. All medication is kept in the office and made available to Students as needed or prescribed.
  4. If you have immediate medical needs, you are expected to take care of them before you come.
  5. Students must provide funds to cover their own medical needs, including doctor's visits, medicine, dental visits, etc.



  1. All belongings will be searched upon arrival and departure.
  2. Students are not allowed to have personal cars, motorbikes, pets, bicycles, knives, radios, stereos or TV's.
  3. Students may not operate vehicles, machinery, or power equipment unless they have been given special and specific permission by an authorized staff person.
  4. All offices are off-limits except by invitation or permission.
  5. No outside appointments will be made without the consent of the Staff.
  6. Notice: The Father's Ranch is not responsible for personal belongings left over seven days. If you leave any personal belongings, they may be placed in donations after the seven-day period unless shipping or pick-up arrangements are made with the Staff prior to your departure.
  7. Any persons leaving the Programs before completion may not be allowed contact with anyone remaining in the Program.
  8. All Students are required to have a sponsor unless other arrangements are made with the Program Director.  See 'Sponsor Form' for details of what is involved in sponsoring a student.

Children's Safety

The Father’s Ranch Ministries desires to provide a safe place for the children living here, and for visiting children. In order to do this we need to set boundaries that Parents, Staff, Interns, and Students, will follow.

Children are a gift from God and need to be protected from unwanted physical contact. In a setting as large as ours it is difficult for parents to get to know everyone. This makes it difficult to decide who they would trust picking up or holding their children.

  1. Because of these realities we will require Students not to pick up children (unless in a Long Term Staff home and have the permission of the parents) and to not be in any room alone with children during their time here.
  2. Visitors are not to pick up children unless they are in the presence of the parents and have the parent’s approval, and not to be in any room alone with children unless they have the parent’s explicit approval. 

Please understand that rules at TFR are designed to provide structure and safety for all.